Lil' Kleine ft. Ronnie Flex - Niet Omdat Het Moet

De nieuwe viedeoclip van Lil' Kleine ft. Ronnie Flex 'Niet Omdat Het Moet' in samenwerking met Tele2

De telecomprovider heeft INDIE uitgedaagd om consumenten te verrassen met branded content in lijn met de lopende campange 'Omdat het kan'. Het resultaat is een opvallende videoclip waarin het Tele2-mantra 'niet omdat het moet, maar omdat het kan' duidelijk naar voren komt. 

Heineken Extra Fresh: Taste Heineken as if it has just been brewed

Heineken Extra Fresh: Taste Heineken as if it has just been brewed

The introduction of Heineken Extra Fresh is the start of an entirely new category in the supermarket and ties in with the growing demand for fresh products. When the beer is freshly brewed, it is wrapped to protect it from light and express delivered in cold storage trucks to the fresh department of the supermarket. So you can taste what brewers taste daily in the brewery: the flavour of freshly-brewed beer.


Tele2’s 4G network is taking over

Tele2’s 4G network is taking over

From today, the new 4G network is available almost everywhere in the Netherlands. Super fast internet, a massive amount of data and wickedly low prices for everyone. To celebrate the launch of the new network, giant over-enthousiastic emoticons will appear throughout the country together with newspaper ads and online campaigning.

This kick-off is the beginning of the new brand campaign which will be launched next week. 

Memories of a Master Brewer

Memories of a Master Brewer

The treetops are turning dark red again. It’s time for Brand Dubbelbock. The main role in the commercial about this specialty beer is reserved for master brewer Rob Habets. Based on his own memories, he describes the unique taste of Brand Dubbelbock. The commercial was shot in South Limburg in the Netherlands, where Rob’s memories and his love for autumn beer were born.

Ex-creative directors at FHV return to INDIE

In the early 2000s, Emilio de Haan and Rogier de Bruin worked as creatives under contract at S-W-H, recently renamed INDIE.

A month after the leaking news of Emilio de Haan and Rogier de Bruin leaving FHV BBDO as creative directors, the duo announced their homecoming to what they call ‘their old love’: INDIE.

It went as followed, the pair recount: ‘After a few exchanges with Lode and Chris it wasn’t much of a hard choice anymore. The collective ambition, the energy, the beautiful workspace and the international clients make it an intriguing story.'

The duo had worked in the agency under Lode Schaeffer in the past and individually created crowned work for Bavaria, Sportlife and Sensoor.

At FHV BBDO De Haan and De Bruin won dozens of awards for accounts such as: Hi, Lay’s and Zilveren Kruis.

The new Creative Directors of Indie will be reunited with account director Niels Heimens, that comes to INDIE after a swift excursion from FHV BBDO to Selmore. The three of them were in charge of the Hi and Lay’s account. 

Ex-creatieve directie FHV keert terug naar INDIE

Emilio de Haan en Rogier de Bruin werkten begin van de eeuw bij het later in INDIE omgedoopte S-W-H.

Een maand nadat het vertrek bekend werd van Emilio de Haan en Rogier de Bruin als creative directors van FHV BBDO, kondigen ze aan terug te keren naar wat ze een 'oude Ilefde' noemen: INDIE.

Zo Is het gegaan, vertellen ze: ‘Na een paar gesprekken met Lode en Chris vonden we de keuze niet zo moeilijk meer. De collectieve ambitie, energie en mooie lokale én internationale klanten maken het een heel aantrekkelijk verhaal.’

Het duo werkte in het verleden al voor het bureau van Lode Schaeffer en maakten daar - toen nog afzonderlijk van elkaar - bekroond werk voor Bavaria, Sportlife en Sensoor. 

Bij FHV BBDO wonnen De Haan en De Bruin tientallen awards, onder meer voor Hi, Lay’s en Zilveren Kruis. 

De nieuwe creative directors van Indie worden herenigd met account director Niels Heimens, die een korte uitstap maakte van FHV BBDO naar Selmore. Samen waren de drie verantwoordelijk voor Hi en Lay’s.

INDIE wins Tele2 pitch

In the past few years Tele2 has taken a turn for the better in the Netherlands, all whilst working away on their own 4G network.
To enforce the ambition of Tele2 even more, the company held a pitch
for 4 agencies to develop the brand positioning and promotion
for the upcoming years.

“In our competitive market it’s a big challenge to separate yourself.
It requires more than just a strong campaign. We were impressed
by INDIE’s creativity from the start and were fascinated
by their unconventional ideas to work together.” says Cilesta van Doorn, Managing Director, Brand & Corporate Communications.
“The click causes a burst of energy, that will undoubtedly lead
to beautiful things."

“A telecom account was high on my wish list for INDIE.” Says Chris Vannitsem, Managing Director at INDIE. “Tele2 is a wonderful brand with huge ambitions, it is an honor that we can help bring this brand to the next phase!”

The account comes originally from KesselsKramer & BBH.

INDIE wint Tele2 pitch

Sinds enkele jaren maakt het Zweedse Tele2 een opmars in Nederland. Tegelijk wordt druk gebouwd aan het eigen 4G-netwerk.
Om de ambitie van Tele2 nog meer kracht bij te zetten,
schreef het bedrijf een pitch uit onder 4 bureaus voor de merkpositionering
en promotie van Tele2 in de komende jaren.  

“In onze competitieve markt is het een grote uitdaging om je te onderscheiden. Dat vraagt om meer dan alleen een ijzersterke campagne.
Wij waren direct al onder de indruk van de creativiteit van INDIE
en hun onconventionele ideeën om samen te werken”, zegt Cilesta van Doorn, Managing Director Brand & Corporate Communications.
“De klik veroorzaakt een enorme energie, die ongetwijfeld tot prachtige
dingen gaat leiden.”

“Een telecomaccount stond hoog op mijn verlanglijst voor INDIE ”,
zegt Chris Vannitsem, Managing Director van INDIE. 
“Tele2 is een mooi merk met grote ambities, het is een eer dat wij mogen meehelpen om het merk naar de volgende fase te brengen!

Het account is afkomstig van KesselsKramer & BBH.

Amstel Radler, it’s the season!

We are proud to announce our new tv commercial for Amstel Radler.

It ties in perfectly with Amstel Radler’s advertising history and Amstel’s marketing initiatives in cycling for 2015.

The epic story of an Amstel deliveryman and a group of cycling friends really makes you thirsty.

 It’s time to grab your bike and have an Amstel Radler.



We are extremely proud to announce that last night, our founder and creative director Lode Schaeffer won the Coq d’Grande Honneur for his relentless drive to move the advertising industry forward.

Next to his work at Indie, Lode dedicates a big part of his time to help young creatives make their first steps into the business.



The campaign “Welcome to our world” aims to change that by giving the homeless a face. People are often unaware of the life of a homeless person. It could potentially happen to anyone with a mortgage, children or a job.

Thought-provoking lines like ‘Being homeless: not even a place to masturbate.’ “It might seem like cheap sensationalism but it links sexuality to the homeless and humanises this group, which is so often ignored. We often forget that homeless people don’t have privacy”, says Hans van Dalfsen, editor-in-chief of the Z! Amsterdam street paper.

The ads were hand-made together with students from various ad schools. This approach will be used to realise the campaign in other countries as well.


INDIE develops worldwide Fayrouz campaign


We proudly present our worldwide campaign for Fayrouz. This international campaign portrays the blend of the ingredients in the most premium way. The TVC features a fusion of images and music, leading to the unique blend that makes Fayrouz. Egypt started the campaign in October. Other countries will follow in the coming months.

Fayrouz Global Campaign - TVC Apple 35’'

Fayrouz Global Campaign - TVC Pear 35’’

Fayrouz Global Campaign - TVC Pineapple 35’’

Brand beer: The first sip


We proudly present the next phase of the campaign for Brand beer. We celebrate the purest taste experience of Brand beer: The First Sip. This campaign centers around the build up and anticipation towards that glorious First Sip. If this doesn’t make you thirsty, nothing else ever will!

*For now the commercial can only be viewed in The Netherlands due to restricted music licensing.

Sportlife: The First Ever Shopping Cart Race


On 26th August 2014 INDIE organised the First Ever Shopping Cart Race, creating a course with skate ramps through a supermarket. The race took place as a PR stunt to release Sportlife's new chewing gum: Sportlife Plus. A race between 3 extreme sports professionals who, rather than with their skateboard or BMX, competed against each other on the 125m track with ramps by using an actual shopping cart. 30 members of the public were also invited to face the challenge and compete for a pair of special edition trainers from the street brand PONY and a skate trip to London. Sportlife. Always go for the bigger Plus.